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Welcome to the SVL Exchange, a repository of programs and code samples written in the Scientific Vector Language (SVL) by users and developers of the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE)TM. The SVL Exchange is a valuable resource for users seeking specialized applications, utilities, or customizations for MOE. For users who program in SVL, the files in the SVL Exchange can also serve as examples of SVL programming. All users are encouraged to make submissions. Submissions are reviewed and edited by the moderator of the site.

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Calculate surface volume   Edith Chan, UCL
Scenes_Manager   Byron Delabarre modification to Giovanni C's previous submission, The Consulting Biochemist
MACCS Key Counts as Molecular Descriptors   Emilio Xavier Esposito, exeResearch LLC

 Most Downloaded Submissions  
Ligand-receptor contacts (visualization+scoring) updated 09-feb-2010   CCG Support, Chemical Computing Group (CCG), Inc.
QuaSAR-Evolution   junichi goto, Ryoka Systems Inc.
Substructure superpose, with improved calculation a GUI   CCG Support, Chemical Computing Group (CCG), Inc.